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The Responsible

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We don’t hide behind the brand name. We are a collective and we work together, even if at the end we are one entity.

When Anya joined us, she also started feeling this special collective atmosphere ― being among people with shared values, working side by side on things we find important. Even if these are very different things, even if cooperation is more of a feeling. It is still very special.

Protect your privacy and data the German way. This is very straightforward: you pay us to support workers and finance our organisation, and we do not sell data to the advertising industry. Why is not everyone doing this? By the way, here is our billing information.

We have been around for more than 12 years. A bit younger than others in our field. We are also not shouting too loud about our existence, it would be a bit… unstylish.

We are here for you. If you have any questions, for example about privacy or encryption, we will help. Navigating different values is not always easy, but we are trying. We balance between sustainability, privacy protection, good user interface and other important parts. Ah yes, did we already tell you about our comprehensive concept of sustainability? We have it. You can read about it. IN DETAIL. Please do.

After for Anya it has been confusingly different. How can this intimate connection help her figure out her own values? This is unusual and inspiring, but also so rare!

“For everyone who is fed up with data-collecting corporations, advertising-infested inboxes and omnipresent surveillance on the Internet. And for everyone who considers it important to act in an economically and ecologically sustainable manner”.

You were probably always wondering, what do we eat? Well, excellent question! We have organic-vegetarian lunch everyday with our own cook, as well as fruits, sweets and drinks. What, did someone else mention free cookies in their office? Well, standards are rising, our dear competitor. But actually no cold-hearted competition, we really just want to be nice.

We are not much, but we are enough. We are not selling a universe or an experience. We are just there for you. Very very very plain idea. Not a virtual world but a virtual tool. That’s up to you to use it. is a German mail provider that offers paid services and protects users' privacy and personal information. Materials that inspired the script:

- Protect your email the German way

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