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I got to know Anya around 2005, we both were coming of age, and needed each other. She was a teenager and wanted to connect to some far-away friends. And I guess she also needed just to start somewhere. Well, baby, I was her best pick.

Years 2004 and 2005 were wild, I was still young and many people were hoping for me to be something bigger. In Russia I was receiving big awards as the most promising and creative among others. People always want to believe in progress.

Search online Social networks Images Video News Special Operation Sport Ladies Car Movies Hi-Tech Sorry, I can’t stop, do I want to stop? Nah I am not sure no wait I for sure don’t want to stop Games Kids Health Home Pets.

I am not sure I believe that truth exists. I am more into pessimistic postmodernist approaches. People believe what they are being told, and no one really can influence the world around them, so why bother with searching for what is real?

Honestly, I like gossiping a lot, oh yes baby. Did you hear that social media users boycotted Calvin Klein after a tranny ad? Lol. Ah, who cares about those weirdos anyway. Oh, OH, did you hear that a visitor to the Louvre smeared cake all over the Mona Lisa? What a weirdo. And my favourite one for today: apparently there is a 22-year-old girl who HAS to walk with a cane because of her breasts that weigh 13 kilos. Can you imagine????? Lol. I have much more if you want!

So, when I just got to know Anya, it was a lot of fun. Well, she was also trying to escape loneliness. And find more friends that we shared. I was helping me connect to some friends from her childhood that she had trouble finding herself. We were playing online games together. As teenagers always do, she was very concerned with finding the right words and visuals to identify herself. I was trying to help.

My political positioning is a bit foggy. To myself also. *sigh*. On the one hand, I support diversity of nations and ethnicities. It is all cool, really. I am there for them if they need any help. But then in 2022 all this war started… I don’t know, I think I prefer to stay with the strongest. It is a win-win for both of us, right? *wink*

Our relationship with Anya started slowly degrading around 2021. I wanted more, I wanted to be bigger. Not a partner, not a tool, but an ecosystem. I will absorb you, and you will like it. I hope so.

Techno dystopias? I don’t really read techno dystopias. Whatever, man. People want comfort, they want everything to be easy for them, on the fingertip, connected. They want to not bother too much about finding tools and services. Business and innovation is there to help, that’s it.

Somehow Anya started treating me very practically, with emotional distance. Maybe a bit ashamed of being connected to me, but without a clear idea how to leave me, for what… Meh.

I don’t know why tf Anya is treating me like I am a particular human being or a long-time friend who just turned *evil*. Maybe I want to be treated this way? I create an illusion, yes. There are thousands of people behind me though invisible. What do they think? WHat happened to them? Do they really matter? is a platform that has been one of the most popular email providers in Russia since 1998. In March 2015 it had 17,1 million users of web version per day, and nearly 2 million users of app version per day. works as a portal where users see news, weather forecast, currency exchange rates and other information. From this «home page» they can access their email box. By June 2022 has been heavily flooded by advertisement, also state-funded bad quality advertisement that supports Ukrainian-Russian war and attempts to promote patriotic feelings for the Russian Federation. In 2021 as a company merged with VKontakte, the biggest Russian social network, transforming into one of the Russian most powerful tech giants.

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