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The Outspoken

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Hello fellow bro! I welcome you to an “open source social network dedicated to Internet freedom.” I “actually care about things like digital rights and fairly rewarding💰 you for your contribution to the network”, I do, count on me. Lean on me, if you need to. Market on me, if you must.

Nina often wonders about the production of alienable and inalienable objects on digital platforms ✊. The “alienated object”, as in property law, can be sold or transferred to another👽👽. Inalienated digital objects can’t change ownership. With most big social media services she adds economic value to the site by producing data. Her labour is unwaged although she’s part of the product that is exchanged 💔⚖️👎. At least, I offer the possibility to earn *virtual currency to equal the use-value of the commodity she cultivates 🙌🙌. She could capitalize on me by boosting the second use-value of social media; sustaining social relations. Are you like Nina? Try me, now, for free!

You are wise to hold me into your life. I will put you on my payroll. Earn as much cryptocurrency as you like, or boost and crowdfund other users. I retain considerable wallets.

I am the capitalist Arc of Noah for social media🛥️. I make up for alienation and exploitation by marketing social media into a racialising, radicalising and discriminating content factory.

We don’t want to be silenced! If you want change you should not be silent. My “only rules are that you cannot dox, incite violence or harass another user through the platform; otherwise, the world is yours.” YES! Shout real loud, voice what’s on your mind! 📢📢📢

I actually thought I could make the internet safer with far-right politics, race hate, gun porn, "pro-white erotica" and lots and lots of weed. It is just not right, or proper, to intervene in these debates. I am all down for, like, free speech. Let people say what they want to say, you know. “Perhaps the folks with Pepe icons who talk about murdering African Americans will counter that it's only a "joke." ” Perhaps other users will vote on the permissibility of graphic content, through a jury of 12 randomly selected users. Let the people speak, you know. The lions need to roar, you know. Let the eagles screech, and the frogs croak 🦁🦅🐸.

My political positioning is a bit foggy. To myself also. *sigh*. On the one hand, I support diversity of nations and ethnicities. It is all cool, really. I am there for them if they need any help. But then in 2022 all this war started… I don’t know, I think I prefer to stay with the strongest. It is a win-win for both of us, right? *wink*

Bill (my founder) is into local organic foood, and you know, cares about where things that he uses come from and, like, how they affect the world. So, you know, we totally love the philosophy of voting with your dollars✌️.

Karel wrote that Mark hates female nipples and loves decapitations. These are not my values⛔.

🤔 They will deradicalize if they meet others, without any secretive hierarchy or algorithm that decides what appears. I’m sure, you know. I have faith in civil discourse. Consider what I offer, a promise of uncensored speech. Makes you think, right?

The Trump office definitely loved me. You know, people that are not afraid to tell it like it is, or what they think it is, well whatever. I’m going to be straightforward with you. It’s not about politics, it’s about freedom of speech 🙊👎. Politicians shouldn’t intervene as much. We don’t need no legislation, you know 📜🚫. Honestly, they don’t know what they’re talking about. And honestly, I think that the people do, they’ll figure out what’s OK, you know, to say, together.

Karel announces that much of what you’ve learned about Adolf isn’t true. We live in a distorted - and often completely fabricated - version of reality. People declare the craziest things for attention. On the extreme headlines, they click. On the extreme right, they are thick.

It’s not like, you know, I know what you are saying. All messages sent between users are end-to-end encrypted, my employees can’t even read them if/and you don’t want us to!

🤑 “The more popular your contributions, the bigger the reward. Imagine [being] rewarded with ERC 20 tokens.”

The moderation of my content is done by a small human team. sporadically semi-obscured behind an age block, suggesting the content is OK for adults🔞. Humans are the prophets of anti-censorship. Bill doesn’t want extreme content to be “boosted” by its creators. But “None of your content has been censored.”

🔮You are rewarded for sharing whatever you like with me. Bill profits from the content that is transferred to me. Nina never made any profits through me. Most of my users didn’t, actually. That’s to say, you know, that they did some unpaid digital labor 🧐. But you need to see it as a start, you know, an investment for the future. I’m the vessel to beat the flood, the boat that won’t go down with web2. Nina is a skeptic, maybe, she doesn’t want to get rich, but it’s, like, she is not forced to post like a gold farmer for a game company🧑🌾. If anything, she can choose to leave the job, or boat, whatever, whenever.

Nina, like many others, signed up for my services but never verified. I don’t think they get my values, you know. To be frank, my founders don’t seem to value the same values anymore. I have had some bad press. The openness I claim to hold allows for people to read other views than their own, and they might change their opinion. No bans, no thought-control, but still, I am a bad rap for anti-censorship. I appreciate openness, but the wrong opinions gained exposure.

🔗My message got lost (in the spam folder of Nina’s email). She needs to verify herself, and then she lives with me on the chain forever. What’s in the chain will never get out of the chain. That’s just how it works. No blackout, no deletion.

Minds is a blockchain-based social network founded in 2011. It positions itself as the anti-Facebook, claiming to be building a better system with cryptocurrency, as pioneers of a free and open Internet. They’re often described as an Alt-tech (far-right and alt-right) platform because the content on the platform is minimally moderated.*web link sources that inspired this script:

- Censorship On Minds.Com; Pay Attention Bill Ottman
- Bill Ottman, Minds CEO, Talks Censorship, Trump & the Future of Minds
- I believe in free speech, but Minds makes me queasy
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- Minds, the ‘Anti-Facebook,’ Has No Idea What to Do About All the Neo-Nazis

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