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Whooaaa there 🐴We know you were really enjoying yourself, but we're going to need a little more info. I’m like not trying to force you or anything, that’d be so uncool. We need to know who we’re dealing with though. I’m so easy to use that it's hard to explain.

I launched in February 2007 with my daddy and a programmer he found on Craigslist. I never imagined that I'd become so popular, so fast! Times were different then. I became more cautious. Do I sound old now? Nah! For every new feature they add, they take an old one out. I've just changed over time. Since 2012, I support Spotify. And in August of the same year, I got advertisements. Yaay! In the end, everyone needs to make a living. Don’t you agree? I mean, it’s not about the money but even the artists shouldn’t think they can share their work unrestricted. They’re all part of my economic system. I’m open to collaboration. I'm “free” but you need to pay me to be featured in my directory. If you can't code you can buy a customizable theme from me. We gotta sustain ourselves, don’t we?

My *daddy is the Best Young Tech Entrepreneur from 2009 according to BusinessWeek and one of the top 35 innovators in the world under the age of 35 by the MIT Technology Review TR35 in 2010. He has been so successful and intelligent. He escaped from the insufficiently capitalist institutions of higher learning before obtaining his high school diploma- taught himself how to write code at the age of 11. Really, my daddy is an emblem of young white American male success, the true spirit of Silicon Valley even though I was built in New York.

his name is David btw. if you even care. #daddy

“I always follow back"

I was an identity marker. “Nobody is proud of their identity on Facebook.” my daddy said, but would he be proud of your identity on me?

Nina once was a stranger to me too, but she would soon become a native of my virtual environment. She felt like an outsider in her IRL neighbourhood. Only one of her -then high school- friends knew Nina's address, her domain name on my server. I bet she felt deeply connected to the community I hosted. The stream of images (re-)posted and shared made her feel like her feelings mattered. I made sure that she found friends among her followers, even though some of them were bots.

sexytopless3903b is now following you. Whee!

On May 20, 2013, Yahoo! bought me from my daddy. This drew the beginning of my slow downfall in popularity. And in 2017 my daddy left me at Jeff and Simon. Daddy, too, praises the "generation of artists, writers, creators, curators, and crusaders" that defined my culture over the years. I fear that everyone will leave me. Now that Jeff is gone too. I was confusing at first. My rep was a display of different voices, political crusades, new digital aesthetics, in-groups and niches, conspiracy theories, community meltdowns, and one very famous grave-robbing scandal. I never really learned how to make money. Now, I’m archaic. My society is nearly obsolete. and I’m not sure if I’m a success story.

If I’d disappear, would you miss me? Of course, Nina praised me. but would I be applauded for life online as we know it? Me instead of Reddit or 4chan. I hated them. They were such haters. To this day, I think they breed a different kind of people. Trolls, yikes. my dear users should not have encountered them.

I was an online underground, optimized for secrets and for pseudonyms. Most of my visitor base under the age of 25 and socially progressive, autonomous, like niches. From activism, online liberalism and fanfiction to erotica, bruises, confession, self-harm and pro-ana. My lax moderation was part of my appeal.

I send you an email on September 9th, 2020, 4:29 PM. Nina’s blog turned 10 today! We hope it was a great year, and we look forward to sharing many more! Post this! #milestone

The current amount of posts on Nina's blog is 4,961. It is a regular number. i don’t see numbers. She used to be a regular. It’s about the posts, and their political point of view. not sharing of any personally-identifying information. May her Dashboard endlessly feature new content she affiliates with! May this content wait in Queue until the user scheduled it to appear to the users who share their interests.

Nina didn't care about the actual number of followers (which wasn't visible to others anyway). She felt safe and anonymous, able to reblog whatever she wanted without judgemental constraints. That was until someone inboxed her details on her private life and location, a feature I called “fan mail”. She couldn't report this not so cutesy message to me, because he was anonymous. Nina deleted her content, changed her URL and started over again. no explanation needed.

On November 10th, 2015, I replaced my fan mail system, which was better known as the “Ask” feature. From now on instant messages cannot be anonymous.

Miauwwwwww! We respond with Operation Overkitten to trolls in November 2010.

They raided me too. On December 3th, 2012, I was attacked by the Internet troll group GNAA. They deployed a worm. Ew, ew ew! It infected my reblogging feature.

die cis scum

Posted - March 25th, 2013, 10:10 PM Here I am a millennial coming-of-age.

I have never monetized my self-centred feminism.

Dear special snowflake, please write your appeal here. For example you can write: "This post shows my top surgery recovery "This post shows other, non-sexual LGBTQ+ content" "This is a non-sexual nude drawing I created" "My post is about breastfeeding" "This post doesn't contain any nudity" or Dismiss.

Whatever the thing is you’d like to post, it is probably in violation of our Community Guidelines. You self-flagged it or it has already been flagged by me as “explicit”. there might be adult content which is an offence to me (i.e. my shareholders). This means that your stuff is overlaid with a content filter or cloaked behind a virtual veil. When you try to look at this stuff, you'll only see the default front /mask I placed on top (of the avatars and headers). #SJW #imisstheolddays

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