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Nina is a relatively new friend to me. She thought my interface looked quite similar to Instagram. This appeals to her. I got a new UI though. She looks lost now. She wants to find friends, but I don’t know if we have any in common.

Today, a picture of a park is trending on .social. It has 15 likes, 0 comments and has never been reblogged. The picture is not titled but carries the hashtag #parks. Nina enjoys parks more than she enjoyed looking at the picture that was shared with me. She enjoys looking at people in parks more than she enjoys looking at people through me. She likes big parks where crowds can gather and people can meet out in the open. She likes to roam a city, and walk from park to park, from node to node. Maybe, I could be like the parks she enjoys so much.

Every park, or what I call “instance” has different “rules” like registration standards, upload limits, and codes of conduct. Some are public, some are private. Some are crowded active areas, while others have a very small number of users.

At my very core, I am decentralized. Anyone can run an “instance” from a server, but this applies to other Federated platforms as well. No worries though, you can join an already-existing instance, such as .social. This is not too difficult, Nina didn’t think so, although I doubt she really understands how I work.

I like nudes, artistic nudes, and tasteful nudes, but they generally come with a sensitive content label. I’m free and open-minded.

Every (flower, garden, tree or potted plant) photo you share is resized, optimized and stripped of exif data. Preserving the original photo (s) may be desired in some situations, we'll be rolling out a new compose option to preserve photos! # thebotanist. 1+.

I’m free Software, free of ads, spying and algorithms that amplify hate and I’m part of the Fediverse. You are welcome to this community or form any other instance you desire.

Please visit me like an ecotourist. Follow the trail of responsible travel to natural areas, conserve the environment, and improve the well-being of the local people. Our purpose may be to educate the traveller, to provide funds for ecological conservation, to directly benefit the economic development and political empowerment of local communities, or to foster respect for different cultures and for human rights.

Nina stays in a small village in Catalunya. It’s here where the climbers collectively put bolts in rocks. It’s here where they recycle as a whole. She takes hikes through their gardens and thinks of me. She follows my trail.

You only need to care for me, walk with me, water me!

Today, a picture captioned On the road is trending. Hiked, uh, Liked by @farn and 26 others.

Pixelfed is a free photo-sharing social networking platform powered by ActivityPub. Wikipedia describes ActivityPub as “an open, decentralized social networking protocol based on’s ActivityPump protocol. It is a *federated social platform for sharing images with functionalities similar to the social network Instagram. Pixelfed is an open source and decentralized alternative social media. Being open source means that it can be freely modified and hosted in instances on different servers. It does not depend on a central server.

Materials that inspired the script:
- early review
- discover
- repository
- #hikes
ecotourism on the edge of Montsant

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